ROUND 4 | JUNE 23, 2019 

  • WHAT:  OPERATION JET-EX  "Take Point Now" 
  • WHERE: Mid-Atlantic Region
  • WHEN: June 23, 2019

Operation JET-EX, a new Mid-Atlantic region event hosted by Take Point Now - a veteran support organization founded by Iraq veteran P.K. Ewing, who turned severe battle injuries into inspiration and a goal to earn the world record for riding a jet ski across the Atlantic Ocean in record time. Scheduled for the weekend of June 15th, the event will feature both a long and short distance ride (The "Strike Package" and the "Interceptor Mission" respectively) for the big machines, and a slalom contest called the "Take Point Now Slalom Shootout,” Ewing said. Additional activities such as a “cannonball run” are being considered for Sunday. This event, open to veterans and the general public, will be both a fun, recreational event, and serve to bring healing and service to the veteran community. Take Point Now has been at the forefront of innovations for veteran recovery and reintegration. “We have built one of the first jet skis to be operated by a one-handed rider. We are currently working on our second prototype which will be for individuals that are physically impaired. We are sounding a call to other veterans and members of our society who may feel isolated and are seeking objective driven, team-oriented experiences,” explains the organization website.