Pro Watercross News & Updates

Pro Watercross, after several months of behind-the-scenes planning and the start of the 2019 Pro Watercross National Tour will see the addition of an exciting new division of races that will take place at each tour stop. “The addition of Supercourse to our lineup of races is something we are very excited about,” said Jennifer Handler. “This is something that Pro Watercross and our advisory board have been working to set up and organized, putting rules in place so that we can bring this new, challenging aspect of Pro Watercross to our racers and fans this season.”

Debuting in Pensacola Beach, FL are the two newly added Supercourse classes. Supercourse will be using Box Stock rules and will race two motos; one moto on Saturday and one on Sunday – each moto will be 20 minutes in length.

  • 200 class
  • 300 class

The Pro Watercross rulebook has been updated to reflect which models of watercraft fall into the 300 or 200 categories. – select the RULEBOOK tab.  

  • Supercourse Rules: Rule 17 (pages 27-30)
  • Supercourse Classes: Rule 17.8
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