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Pro Watercross is pleased to announce the release of the 2021 Pro Watercross Competition Rulebook. We greatly appreciate the feedback and suggestions provided by the rider community which is a key part of the continued evolution of our sport. The following is an overview of the changes incorporated in the 2021 rules.

2021 ProWatercross Competition Rulebook Rev C release

After completing additional research into rule change recommendations for the 2021 racing season the rules committee has released Rev C of the 2021 ProWatercross Competition Rulebook containing the following changes:

  • Allowance for stock Polaris Hurricane hull in the Sport Open class
  • Sport Open section 33
    • 33.3.3 Hull: Hull may be modified or aftermarket. Seadoo HX and Polaris Hurricane models are allowed but must retain the stock hull. (Rev C)
    • 33.3.4 Top Deck: The top deck may be modified or aftermarket but must resemble an OEM Yamaha Wave Blaster top deck.  Seadoo HX and Polaris Hurricane models must retain the stock top deck. (Rev C)
  • Ribbon delete - This rule is set in general rules and applies to all watercraft utilizing an intake ribbon. 
  • Technical rules - All classes section 24
    • 24.10.2 Flame Arrestors & Intake Ribbon: All watercraft are required to be equipped with flame arrestors. Aftermarket flame arrestors that meet USCG, UL-1 111 or SAE J-1928 Marine standards may be used. Factory airbox may be modified or removed. Additional tubing and couplings may be added solely to accommodate the mounting of flame arrestors. Pre-filter flame arrestor covers are allowed.
    • Intake ribbon or intake mesh may be removed provided aftermarket flame arrestors are utilized. Intake ribbon retainer rings may be removed. Holes created by removal of the ribbon or retaining ring must be filled with a fuel proof material. Filler material (tubing or other material) may be added internal to the intake tract to eliminate steps or voids caused by the removal of the intake ribbon and retaining ring. External fasteners are allowed for securing the filler material. Filler systems may incorporate a mounting flange but may not extend the intake tract by more than 0.25 inch (6.35mm). (Rev C)
    • Wording adjusted in the existing Runabout Box Stock / IROC Stock / IROC 1100 rule (section 36) to coincide with the change.
    • 36.5.1 Flame Arrestors / Intake Ribbon: Aftermarket flame arrestors are allowed, intake ribbon removal allowed, based on rule 24.10.2. (Rev C)
  • Supercharger drive gear welding: This allowance is for both the Runabout Box Stock / IROC Stock / IROC 1100 and Runabout Stock rules. 
    • Runabout Box Stock section 36; Runabout Stock section 37
    • 36.6.6 & 37.4.11 Supercharger drive gear: Stock supercharger drive gear may be adhered to the drive gear shaft through welding or other means. (Rev C)


ProWatercross received considerable feedback regarding details in the recently released 2021 ProWatercross Competition Rulebook. Relative to this feedback we are releasing Revision B of the rulebook which includes updates and clarification on the 2021 rules. Please see the 2021 Pro Watercross Competition Rulebook Rev B for complete details.

Updated highlights of the 2021 changes

  • Section 27 - Ski 4 Stroke Superjet
    • Rule set includes allowances for changes found in section 24 of the rulebook - handlebars, flame arrestors, rideplate...
    • Exhaust hose: Added allowance for aftermarket piping between the waterbox and exhaust outlet
  • Section 31 - Sport Stock
    • Included clarification that stator plate must be OEM
    • Included clarification that pump must be OEM
  • Section 33 - Sport Open (Previously Blaster GP)
    • Hull: Added allowance for stock Seadoo HX hull
    • Engine Displacement: Set displacement limit for 2 cylinder engines to 1105cc and 3 cylinder engines to 1140cc when utilizing the Stock HX hull option. All others have a 1300cc limit.
    • Exhaust: Set limit of 1 expansion chamber, no multiple expansion chamber exhausts allowed
    • Four stroke engines no longer allowed in this class  
  • Section 36 - Runabout Box Stock / IROC Stock / IROC 1100
    • Added the IROC 1100 class
    • Pump: Allow pump update for 2019 and older Yamaha SVHO models to 2020 and newer pump
    • Valve Springs: Added allowance for modified or aftermarket valve springs on all makes / models
    • Valve Guides: Added allowance for aftermarket valve guides, must match OEM shape and size
  • Section 41 - IROC GP
    • Hull: Aftermarket hulls allowed but must conform to shape, weight and dimension restrictions
    • Engine Displacement: Set maximum displacement to 1100cc
    • Engine block: Block must be from an OEM IROC watercraft
  • Glossary of terms
    • IROC :  Added Yamaha EXR to the list of IROC models
    • IROC Stock: Class for the Seadoo Spark and Yamaha EX models
    • IROC 1100: Class for the Yamaha EXR. Runabout Limited 800cc models may also compete in this class