Team Faith has been a part of jetski racing world for over two decades and Pro Watercross is honored to have them on tour with us each season. Each race weekend, Team Faith is on hand to encourage and empower competitors from all over the country to be everything that God intended for them to be.


We invite you to join Team Faith each weekend morning throughout the tour for their devotionals, which take place immediately following rider’s meeting... typically around 9:00 am. 


Team Faith welcomes everyone to their devotionals and you don’t need to be a racer or part of a race crew... everyone is welcome.


If you can’t make it to their devotional in the morning, Team Faith makes incredible smoothies to order in the afternoon after racing – make sure you swing by the team trailer and check it out!


TEAM FAITH’S MISSION: Team Faith Our Mission is to lead by example, expressing that our Faith in God and the power of The Holy Spirit influences us to witness to others interested in the sport of racing, and other “Extreme Sports”, so they may know Christ, grow in their walk with Christ, and pursue a personal relationship with Him. Our Mission is to lead extreme sports athletes to Christ and disciple them so that they will in-turn, lead others involved in or interested in the sport to Christ