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DTV Motor Corporation announces that they have chosen Pro Watercross to display the new Version 3 of the DTV SHREDDER on the National Tour as well as World Championships in Naples Florida.  The Shredder is a unique stand on dual track vehicle (DTV) that just begs to be blasted around ANY environment and will be a natural fit for any gear head or adventure rider. 




Jennifer Handler from Pro Watercross revealed that they have been pursuing this exclusive sponsorship since they first saw one and met with DTV staff.  “The Shredder offers thrills and the ability to conquer most any terrain in a package small enough to fit in the back of an SUV” proclaimed Handler.  I see a future in competition with the Shredder across the country and we at Pro Watercross are proud to be promoting this exciting new vehicle, not only for its performance, but for the ability to tow behind as well! 


Look for a production unit that will be on display at every stop on the Pro Watercross National Tour.  For more information and links go to

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