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​​​​​​​Pro Watercross is proud to announce the addition of Hullspeed Performance Marine Coatings as an Official Sponsor to the 2019 Pro Watercross National Tour and World Championships.  Hullspeed Performance Marine Coating’s secret formula works on all forms of watercraft, whether they are racing or just out to enjoy a day on the water. 

Hullspeed’s product line up is a boater’s dream, with the highest return on investment for better mileage, increased performance, quicker acceleration and greater top speed all without affecting reliability in the slightest!  The secret to the Hullspeed improves performance with the reduction in drag created by applying their products to any hull.  With a “Slipperier” hull the boat takes less energy to go through the water and thereby increases top speed all without putting any additional stress on engine components!

Ian Germain the Marketing Director of Hullspeed Performance Marine Coating was very impressed with Pro Watercross’ dominance in the PWC racing world as well as their network of recreational ride promoters across the US.   “We are thrilled with the partnership between Pro Watercross and Hullspeed “said Mr. Germain.

Look for the Hullspeed Marine Coatings booth at every stop on the National Tour to purchase their magical elixir and then go stomp the competition.  For more information on the entire product line and how it can benefit you visit them at  or check their link at


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