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There is an incredible amount of excitement at Pro Watercross as they welcome Primo Wind as their first “Green” Sponsor!  Primo Wind is a globally recognized innovator in the portable clean energy field. 

CEO and Founder Ned McMahon and President Bill Fitzmaurice feel the global exposure offered by Pro Watercross will introduce an entirely new spectrum of people to the benefits of their products in a unique and dynamic way. 

Carbon reduction is not something generally discussed in racing circles, but as more and more powersport vehicles are designed or converted to electrical power the need for clean electricity becomes obvious and the products available from Primo Wind fit the bill. 

Jennifer Handler tells us that the energy needed to run the public address system, internet live stream, cameras and computers is to be produced by the “Energiplant” from Primo Wind.  We are bringing our freestanding “Energiplant” to every round of the National Tour and to World Championships in Naples Florida.  We will be erecting our Energiplant on Fridays and letting the sun and wind power our entire announcing and internet system (including public USB charging) all weekend long. 

For those who cannot wait to see it in person, visit them on the web at for a sneak preview. 

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