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Pro Watercross is proud to announce Jettrim as the Official Mat and Seat Cover of the 2019 National Tour and World Championships at season’s end in Naples Florida. JetTrim has been as significant partner on the Pro Watercross National Tour and was instrumental in launching of the “Shaun Compton Initiative” and would like to thank Briggs Casteel and AED Brands for providing Pro Watercross’ first defibrillator.

Earlier this year, one of Pro Watercross’ event organizers, Shaun Compton, producer of Texas H20 Racing passed away of a heart attack. Shaun was full of life and enthusiasm for racing and the racers that became his extended family.  In Shaun’s honor, Pro Watercross have started the “Shaun Compton Initiative” and as part of its mission will be to see that every event organizer under the Pro Watercross banner will have a defibrillator on site at each event.

Additionally, Pro Watercross’ chief water safety official, Drake Stanley will be trained as an instructor for CPR and the use of a defibrillator to train Pro Watercross staff and event organizers in the event of another situation at any Pro Watercross event around the country. 

If you have a need for the finest high-performance seat cover or mats, be sure to contact Frank at Jettrim and let him know you appreciate his support. Read more about the Shaun Compton Initiative at the and visit Jettrim at to check out their “Bitchen Stitchen” line of products.

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