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Pro Watercross kicked off the first Watercross race worldwide with its first round at Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida this past weekend! 

What an awesome weekend with re-uniting with racers from all over the Country! It was great to see so many people excited to get out to race and be part of the jetski community again. We would like to thank everyone for their commitment to keeping the country moving forward and staying healthy.

Pro Watercross had a fantastic weekend of racing to open up the 2020 season. Perfect for celebrating their 25th anniversary of producing personal watercraft racing.

In the Pro-Am Runabout Box Stock class Brian Baldwin was the overall winner… he had a lot of competition from Troy Snyder and Tim Miller as the three top racers battled through three grueling Moto‘s in the first professional Watercross race on the planet in 2020.

Pro-Am Ski GP featured a lineup of heavy hitters competing on the latest state of the art aftermarket hulled skis from Bullett, Kommander and Pro Watercraft. The result was an outstanding and intense day of racing through three motos that was not decided until the final checkered flag. Finishing on top of the podium was multi time National and World Champion Dustin Motzouris aboard his Kommander GP1.

Checkout all the results on Pro Watercross’ Tour page and click on 2020 Race Results!



  • Pro-Am R/A Box Stock:  Brian Baldwin
  • Pro-Am Ski GP: Dustin Motzouris
  • Pro-Am Runabout GP: Troy Snyder
  • Pro-Am Ski Stock: Matthew Richuk
  • Blaster GP: Deven Farthing
  • Sport Stock: Ken Waddle
  • Ski 4-Stroke Stock: Camden Powell
  • Amateur Ski Stock: Zeke Keim
  • Amateur R/A Box Stock: Tory Snyder
  • Amateur Ski GP: Zeke Keim
  • IROC Stock: Jay Finlinson
  • IROC GP: Dominic Perez
  • Junior Ski Stock 10-12 Yr: Teagan Hill
  • Junior Ski Stock 13-15 Yr: Robbie Finlinson
  • Junior Spark Stock 13-15 Yr: Robbie Finlinson
  • Junior Sport Stock 13-15 Yr: Jax Hayden
  • Veteran IROC Stock: John Block
  • Veterans R/A Box Stock: Frank Ortiz
  • Novice Sport Stock: Andrew Hancock
  • Sport GP: Revin Harris
  • Amateur Freestyle: Brian Spicer
  • Pro Freestyle: Brad Hill
  • Beginner Runabout Box Stock: Jon Koederitz
  • Beginner Ski Stock: Teagan Hill
  • Vintage Ski 550: Ralph Henning
  • Runabout 800 SS: Jim Devlin
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