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After careful consideration, and in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments, we are moving the Racine, WI and Lake Charles, LA events to new locations… we would like to thank both Real Racine and Visit Lake Charles for their support and understanding with the difficult decision.

The tentative new dates and general locations are as follows:

  • August 8-9, 2020      St Augustine, Florida
  • August 15-16, 2020 West Palm Beach County, Florida

We will release updates on the new location as soon as they are confirmed. We remain excited to host these events and will announce site information and hotels as it becomes available!

Please remember that COVID-19 precautions should be adhered to at all times…


  • Practice social distancing – stand 6 ft apart.
  • Wear facemasks when closer than 6 ft of others.
  • Competitors will be asked to where facemasks when at registration or interacting with race officials or people outside your own group.
  • Use hand sanitizer stations often.
  • Remember to cover your mouth and nose if coughing, sneezing or when warranted.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands immediately.
  • Pit tents should be no less than 6 ft apart from your pit neighbor.
  • When not on the racecourse, please remain in your pit area.
  • Avoid touching surfaces.
  • Share the Racecourse - Not the Pen… Please bringing you own pen to registration!
  • Leave No Trace - make sure you pick up and dispose of your own trash…
  • Let’s leave the beach cleaner then when we got there!
  • If you are sick, GO HOME! You should not be here!
  • If you start to feel sick, GO HOME and call your doctor!
  • If you are at high risk, GO HOME and come when it is safe to do so!
  • Do Not Touch you face!!!
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